Saturday, May 16, 2009

A marathoner's 5k debut

I realize I've been somewhat out of the traditional order for races. Normally you work up to the marathon from a 5k, 10k, 10m, half, etc. But I went from 10k to marathon, and now I'm trying to hit all of the other races.
I have a friend of mine, Manan, from CTY who has a cool goal: 50 races, 50 states (plus DC), 5 years). He was in DC for the National Police Week 5k, so I signed up too. Figured it was a good cause, school was over, and I was interested to see how it would turn out.
Weather: 70s, cloudy, and fairly humid. Around 2,000 runners, and I was able to position myself pretty close to the starting line. Unfortunately, no mile markers (would it have been that hard to set up 3 signs?), so I had to sort of guess where I was based on my estimated pace. 2 big hills, one early on, which through a lot of people. Luckily it wasn't as hard as some of the hills that I practice on. Wasn't quite leading the pack, but definitely with the faster runners (this was the first time I was in the early wave of people in an out-and-back course). Finished around (official times haven't been posted) 22:48 (approximately 7:20 per mile). Definitely a good time - was hoping to break 22 or 21, but I just don't think I'm quite there yet. Maybe by the end of the summer. Grabbed some water and powerade, and watched Manan finish - it's always nice to cheer for those you know. We hung out for a bit - it was so nice to see him!
Great race overall: very organized, great amenities (tech t-shirt, metal waterbottle, food and drink, and even the ClifShot gels, which I'll have to try soon). Since the race was for families whose loved ones died in the line of duty, we each had the name on our bib of a fallen police officer, so I ran this one for him. Thank you for serving.

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