Wednesday, May 20, 2009

On goal-setting

Even with school out for the summer, I still am very much in school-mode. I need a plan, I need a schedule, otherwise I'm just very lost. That goes with work, running, and just the day-to-day stuff. I do enjoy checking things off and knowing where I'm going - I can't just be spontaneous, for better or for worse. So Mary and I this morning made a few summer goals. We won't be seeing each other after Friday, so today we made a plan for our athletic goals. Mary wants to swim 3 times a week (she's rehabbing an old knee injury). I want to: run a 6:30 mile (currently at 6:42) and a 22:00 5k (currently 22:50). Of course, I have some other running goals too: working on weight-lifting, uping my weekly mileage, etc. But I think these short-distance goals will help a lot with my marathon training (which is in 157 days, according to the website's countdown).
Obviously, the big overarching goal is running the Marine Corps Marathon in 3:40. And all that I will do in the next 5 months running-wise is for that. I'm going home on Saturday and I think being at home for four weeks will really help with training. I can get in a lot of time at the gym and on the road and be in top shape before the official marathon training (which starts in July) begins. Plus, I need to be ready to go prior to CTY, when life gets crazy and I'll be doing early morning workouts with the Professor, who has even done an ultramarathon. Love the passionfruit!

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