Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Running with a friend again...finally!

So, I haven't run with someone since Charlie in January. Most of the time, it's been fine; I get to control my pace and go as far as I want to. But, it really also is great to run with someone, especially who can keep you in check.
I got to run today with a friend in the history program with me, Sarah, who actually is a competitive runner in the 8k and 10k races. She ran for Duke in college and now is trying to qualify for the 2012 Olympics. She had been giving me some advice during the marathon training, but we had never gotten a chance to run together during the school year. But now, since our program is done for the semester, we were able to meet up today. We did a 5 mile run around Rock Creek Park. We had beautiful weather: 60 degrees and nice shade in the park. Now, the pace for her was easy, and it wasn't too difficult for me (although perhaps medium): we did talk the whole time. We mainly just talked about history stuff; we were in two classes together, so we were just commenting on the end of the semester. The run even finished with a hill, which I got through, and then was surprised how fast it ended! I really enjoyed the run - it was nice to be with someone who takes running and training so seriously. We're going to do it again next week, and she also gave some suggestions for some workouts.
I was pleased with how the whole thing worked out. I remember when I found out in December that she was a nationally-ranked runner, I was so intimidated. But, I feel very pleased that she wanted to run with me, and it went well. Overall, a success and a blast!

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