Saturday, May 2, 2009

Passed the Morphology Exam/Good run this morning

Yes, I passed the morphology exam yesterday with a 94!  I was so relieved.  I walked to the exam with "Chariots of Fire" and "Gonna Fly" playing, to really psych myself up for it.  I felt fairly confident during the exam that I passed it, although I was nervous while he was grading it.  It was just such a relief to get through it and be done with it (until next year, when I take another one).  My friend Mary passed her morphology exam too (that's the one I'll take next year), so we were both just so happy.
I celebrated this morning with a 7 mile run into the city and back.  That's actually the farthest I've gone in 2 weeks; I've been slacking a bit.  Well, not slacking - running has just taken a backseat to academia.  But I had such a good run - I beat the rain too.  I ran about a 8:29 pace, which I was happy about.  I wasn't necessarily pushing the pace, but it was faster than my easy runs used to be.  It was nice to just feel like I could go and run for fun, without a huge stress on my back.  Sure, I do have a term paper and final still, but at least I have one more thing off my list.  Back to (real) writing...

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