Monday, May 11, 2009

Running in Circles as a Medievalist

This past weekend I was in Kalamazoo MI for the International Congress for Medieval Studies - one of the largest gatherings of medievalists in the world. I gave a paper on "Ghosts, Zombies, and Voldemort's Puppets: Medieval Neromancy and the Inferi" for a panel on JK Rowling's Medievalism. The paper went well, and I had a blast overall. I got to meet a lot of medieval bigwigs and people who are really important in my own field.
Normally, I'm not good at working out while I'm on vacation (and yes, this did feel like a vacation), but I did bring my gear this time. I got two runs in: Thursday and Friday around the campus of Western Michigan University (where the conference as held). Some good hills there - it would be a good place to train.
It was nice to combine my two great loves over the weekend. Very peaceful (lots of trees and ponds); I left my headset at home, so just me, the trees, and the medievalists. Finis.

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