Monday, March 7, 2011

Family matters the most

Sometimes, I need to remind myself to not get too worked up. I can be fairly intense in terms of school, training, work, etc. And I like to plan and to have things be certain. But that can’t always be the case. First of all, I just need to loosen up sometimes. But more importantly, I need to remind myself that as important as school and plans about future employment are important, family and friends are absolutely essential and in the end, they are the ones who enrich my life.
My best friend got married on Saturday to a wonderful guy. I was fortunate enough to be in the wedding, and was so honored that Kathleen wanted me to be a part of her most special day. Both the bride and groom have large families (Kathleen has 5 older sisters, and Sandeep has a large extended family), but more than just the number, both place an important emphasis on family. So, for the first part of the weekend – the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, these were family gatherings. I was one of only 5 non-related people there on Friday, and that meant a lot to me, because the way both families treated me, I truly felt like part of the family. I have
known Kathleen for over 10 years now, and when we first met in high school, I felt like she was the big sister I never had. And because there was a 3-year age gap between us, it was more like two sisters than two friends, and it has been like that since then. And her family has always welcomed me into their home, so I felt quite comfortable spending time with them on Friday.

Now, I have known her fiancĂ© for 3 years, and I think he is terrific. I was so excited when they got engaged over the summer. He cares about her so much, and I have seen how happy she has been since they got together. I had been looking forward to this weekend for so long, but at the same time, I didn’t know exactly how the weekend would play out. I got to meet all of Sandeep’s family and friends, and they were so kind and gracious. They made it so easy for me to blend in and fit in – it felt very natural on Friday. Which meant that by the wedding day on Saturday, the atmosphere in central NY (they got married at Cornell) was warm and inviting.

The wedding was perfect. And I am not just talking about the logistics (everything did go smoothly), but the whole day was wonderful. It was fun getting ready in the morning and taking it all in. Kathleen and Sandeep did see each other before the ceremony; they did some pictures around Cornell. When they did the reveal of the bride, it was so beautiful. They both are beautiful people to begin with (Kathleen looked absolutely stunning), but the joy on their faces made them all the more beautiful.

The pure joy on each of their faces was so moving: you really knew these were two people in love. I am actually getting choked up just thinking about it.

And that was why everyone was so excited – the ceremony was a true testament to the love they have for each other. They just kept smiling at each other, particularly when particular words were said. And the entire church was so happy for them – truly a room full of ecstatic people.

And then the reception was just a blast. There was so much dancing and laughing.

My parents were at the wedding too, which meant I got to see them (and even dance with them) this weekend too.

The band was awesome: they played oldies like “Shout” and “We are family” were played, as well as more current music. Everyone just wanted to stay on the floor the whole time – there was no need for cajoling to go out and dance. We closed down the reception on a very high note. There was also a brunch on Sunday morning, which gave everyone a chance to wish one another goodbye. Not only did Kathleen’s family all treat me like family, but Sandeep’s family too, who I had met less than 48 hours before. They gave me big hugs, and even an invitation to stay at their house the net time I am in town. It was the final moment that made this weekend not one of time with friends, but of family.

I got to stand up on the altar on Saturday and watch my best friend, the big sister who has always looked out for me, marry the man of her dreams. And to watch the pure joy that radiated throughout the church and weekend was a reminder that family is the certainty that I need and cherish the most in my life.

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  1. What a great post! I'm so happy that you had a good weekend and got to be a part of Kathleen's wedding!! But, what an important reminder of what's important in life!!