Saturday, March 19, 2011

Training Updates + Shoes Made to Run Boston

It was time to dive into a hard week of training:
Monday: 30 minutes rowing, 1 hour elliptical, weights & core work
Tuesday: My most interesting track workout ever:
2.5 mile warm up
2400 meters (6 laps): sectioned off to 3:45, 3:30, 3:35
600 meter recovery
2400 meters (6 laps); divided into: 3:30:3:45, 3:30 (which turned into 3:18!!)
400 meter recovery
2 x 800 meters: 3:32, 3:29 (which turned into 3:27!)
2.5 mile cooldown
9.75 miles
This was such an interesting workout because the intervals were long (1.5 miles), and you had to change your pace throughout the workout. Definitely a tough one, but very useful too.
Wednesday: 30 minutes rowing, 30 minutes elliptical, weights & core work
Thursday: Easy 6 miles
Friday: 30 minutes rowing (5200 meters rowing), weights & core work, 1 hour elliptical
Saturday: 2 mile warm-up: 8 mile tempo starting at 8:05 and getting faster and faster; 2.25 mile cooldown.
12.25 miles
Sunday: will run 16 miles
Total: 44 miles

Today's tempo was one of the shining moments of the weeks. I ended up averaging 7:22 pace even with hills - that is just about my goal half marathon pace for the National Half next week! I was pretty excited, and I know that that pace will feel easier/more exciting next week. I just got new shoes (same model - Asics 1160), but new colors: Boston colors! Aren't they beautiful?
This was after my run. I was pretty excited - I used to really stink at tempos, but in the past 2 months, I have gotten a lot better at them. I think they are harder than track workouts, but are so helpful. It was hard to push in the final miles, but I know that digging in and picking it up was the right way to go.
These shoes were just made to run well in Boston.


  1. Woot for Boston shoes! Won't be long now. I'm glad everything is coming together so nicely for you.

  2. yay new shoes! great week!!!

  3. Good work Van - the shoes are hawt too!

  4. Great week!!! Love the shoes! Good luck on the half next week!