Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Spring in My Step/Spring Training in Florida

Just like the baseball teams, I headed to Florida for spring break/spring training!
Kathleen's wedding was amazing enough, as was the time in Rochester with my parents, but then last Monday I jetted down to Palm Beach for the rest of spring break. Jenny (we ran MCM together in October and will do that again) lives in Jupiter with her family, and I also spent Spring Break 2010 (it's nice that medievalists get the time off too) there. We don't get to see each other that often, so I jumped the opportunity to fly down! It was my hope that it would give a chance to relax, which would be good for training, get in some good runs, and enjoy time with important people.
Tuesday: 9.5 miles with 8 x 3 minute hard efforts
Wednesday: Easy 7
Thursday: Off
Friday: 21 miles...and then in the afternoon Jenny was around for a run, so we did 4 miles, bringing the grand total of the day to 25 miles!
Saturday: Easy 5 at Sunset
Sunday: Off
Total mileage: 46.5 - highest weekly mileage of 2011!
I didn't do any cross training while I was there, which I had planned with Sarah. And that was okay, it gave me a chance to rest up.
I even got to see my grandparents, aunt and baby cousins, who were in Vero Beach and came up to Jupiter for the day! So, with the exception of my brother (who turned 21 on Monday - Happy Birthday Ryan), I got to see all of my top people within about a week's span. How amazing is that? Here some pictures of where we did our runs, and hanging out in Jupiter/on the beach.
I think one of the important ways to train is to mentally relax and find a happy place, whether it is physical or mental. I tend to get so wound up in graduate school that I forget how much joy I get from family. During the week, all of the tension in my shoulders simply vanished. No need for a massage, just time with family, both those who I share my name and those who share in the same joys, did the trick. I got to play with my baby cousins, and my little guy Henry. I rocked it out to Cee-Lo's "Forget You" and other fun songs. I saw the sun, I saw the Jupiter Lighthouse, I saw those who matter the most.
It all put the spring in my step that I was looking for.

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