Friday, March 18, 2011

Sing a Song of Boston

Sing a song of Boston
Heard through the streets of Hopkinton
Run to the rhythm of Revere's Ride
Wave your flag for Patriot's Day
Chant the sweet tunes on Copley Square
Feel the growing excitement in the air.

My heart skips a hasty beat
Every time the word "Boston" is uttered
Visions of sneakers and water cups dance through my head
I hear in the distance the warriors of Wellseley
Forming the "Wall of Love" and screaming for the runners.

When I smell spring air
My mind travels to the holy commonwealth
When shades of blue and yellow flash
I am in Beantown.

Thinking of Boylston gives me a shiver
Knowing that it is the final .2 makes my legs quiver
I dream of Boston every night
Singing the song of Boston just feels right.

One month to go until the Big Dance!

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