Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hungry and Ready to JUMP

I am currently peaking for Boston. Next week will be my biggest week of training, but this week also includes sharpening and preparation for the National Half Marathon this weekend.
I am so hungry! And I know all of the Boston people are too - my friend Bettina wrote about she'll eat anything in sight that isn't nailed down. I agree. It's either the long runs or two a day cross training that makes me want to eat ALL the time. So, I had to resign myself when I went grocery shopping on Sunday that it is better to just get a lot, stock up, and have the good food fuel me for all of my workouts.
I had a super strong long run on Sunday. I had just watched the NYC Half Marathon (congrats to Galen Rupp and Kara Goucher on 3rd place!), and was so stoked about how well they did, particularly since Rupp made his half marathon debut. I had also heard about Shalane Flannagan's bronze medal at World Cross, and was so proud of how well all of the Americans ran on Sunday (US Women earned a bronze at World Cross). All of this made me want to go out and succeed too.
Thanks to Jenny, I brought along Sharkies (they're like GU chomps) - gluten free fuel! These really helped - I had a couple after 1 hour, and then a couple at 90 minutes and 2 hours. They were just helped give me mini bursts of energy. I generally don't bonk during a 16 miler, but sometimes during the final miles, my energy starts to flag and I just want the run to end. This was not the case on Sunday. I felt so strong! I finished with some hills, and I just felt like I could climb and push forever. This was a great feeling, considering I had a 12 mile run with 8 miles of tempoing on Saturday. I ended up averaging 8:12 pace for 16.25 miles! On an easy day! This is when I know cross training and strength work pays off - I felt strong. I didn't die, I wanted to dig deep.
Yesterday was double cross training: 30 minutes of rowing (5500 meters), 45 minutes of elliptical (6 miles), and weights. And they all felt good. I am trying to focus on arm work, because I think I can use my arms to pump me through in the final stretch of the race. We'll see - at the very least, they'll be a bit more sculpted than before.
So yes, I am hungry because I am training a lot.
But I am also hungry for Boston. I was so stoked about Sunday's run, and watching the NYC Half made me excited to race on Saturday. I am starting to reread Kathrine Switzer's Marathon Woman and I am absolutely savoring her sections that discuss her training for her 8 Boston Marathons. I love reading about peoples' training - it only gets me excited about my own. On Sunday, Jenny and I had a long conversation about training and her own training when she was competing at Nationals for swimming. I just love to hear about the preparation, the anticipation, and all of the other exciting components of racing. My dad and I talked last night about training too. Both of my parents are increasingly becoming hard core with training. My mom did her first 5 mile race a few weekends ago, and my dad is doing his first triathlon in the spring. It has become so FUN to talk about the gym and workouts with them - they are in the best shape of their lives right now - it is very impressive.
This is going to be a good week - I love race week. I have a track workout later that I am excited about, and it'll give me a chance to work on turnover and imagine gunning it on Saturday.
All of the excitement just makes me want to JUMP. Thank you Pointer Sisters for serving as some of my pump-up music this week!

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  1. I can't believe Boston is right around the corner again. You are going to do so well. Your running sounds solid based on what I'm reading in your blog. I second the wanting to eat everything not nailed down. All of this hard core training works up a serious appetite. Can you imagine eating like this and not training? Yikes. Keep up the great work and have a stong final build week.