Saturday, April 25, 2009

As many thoughts as miles ran today (4)

1) I need to learn how to run in the summer.  I only started seriously running in October, when things had cooled down significantly.  The past few days, it's been 80 degrees in DC, and even though I've been hydrating like I was in training for the marathon, it hasn't been enough.  So, I've been trying to work on that and be extra conscientious about it.  The past few days, I've been able to do a few miles, just because I've been fatiguing a lot quicker than normal.  I think part of it has to do with it being the end of the semester, and not getting enough sleep too.  Something to work on.
2) I registered for the National Police Week 5k on May 16th in DC.  My friend Manan from CTY has a goal to run 50 races in 50 states (and DC) in 5 years, and that race is on his list.  The funny thing is, this is my first real 5k, so I'll be interested to see how it goes.  I'm looking forward to seeing him and participating in part of his goal - which is so cool.
3) I am not good at team sports.  Thankfully, I'm good at running.  But today, I was playing frisbee with some friends, and after a few bad catches, they asked if I was ever good at organized sports.  Now, of course, they were teasing, but I really am terrible at sports.  I stink at throwing and catching.  But at least I can run a marathon!
4) Today was the Country Music Half and Full Marathon in Nashville, and apparently 2 runners died.  I was so sad to hear about that; it's always a shame when that happens - I'm praying for their families.  It seems as if the heat had something to do with it, especially since most runners (myself included) aren't acclimated to it yet this time of the year.  A lot of times, there are people who take events like this as proof that people shouldn't run, and I think that is not true.  There are far worse ways to go (as evidence by tuning into any news station) than doing what you love.  As someone in one of the Runner's World forums said, "I'd rather die in a marathon if I'm going to go early."

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