Thursday, April 16, 2009

Schoolwork/day brightner

So, my running has been fairly low key since the Cherry Blossom 10 miler. I have no races coming up, and the marathon training won't resume in full force until the summer. Hoenstly, because I have so much schoolwork, I've only been able to go running a couple of times a week. Which would be fine, but running does really give me such a mental and physical break, so I miss it a lot. Schoolwork really has picked up. There are only 2 full weeks of classes left, and a lot needs to happen during that time. Papers need to be written, and most importantly (well, not necessarily most importantly, but it must be done) is that I need to up my latin abilities. As soon as I finish one of these papers this weekend, I need to just go on lock-down Latin mode and commit all of the morphemes to my brain. Needless to say, I'm not really looking forward to it, and I'll be quite happy when the semester is over. Don't expect to hear much on the running front until after May 10th.
My day yesterday brightened a bit, because my friend Wes from grad school gave me the pictures he took from the marathon. They all came out really well, but there were 3 in particular that I enjoyed:

These are of my dear friend Mary from grad school, and my parents right after I finished. I just felt so unbelievably happy, and you can tell that they were too. I got all choked up yesterday looking at them, because they're a reminder of that good feeling (so much more than just a runner's high). I just need to hold onto that feeling for the next few week and use it to propel me through the latin exams and paper writing.


  1. Good luck with your papers and studying!

    I've really been enjoying your blog.

    Remember--sometimes a 20 minute run will do more to help you feel better and refocus than continuing to work.

  2. Thanks Kimberly! I decided to follow your suggestion and went for a good run later that day. It helped!