Saturday, April 18, 2009

Here comes the sun...finally!

After 3 days of torrential rain, the sun finally came out for the weekend in DC!  And while there is still a lot of work to do, I couldn't help but enjoy the beautiful weather.  Spring is definitely here, although it feels almost like summer (it got up to 75 today).
I went for a night away, and spent the night at Mary's house last night in Falls Church.  Even though we stayed on campus late working, it felt great to leave at the end of the day.  We just hung out and watched The Cutting Edge (so cheesy and awesome) - and also exchanged massages - something I also needed.  We came back to campus this morning and had a Dunkin Donut breakfast outside.  Also a treat.  Again, even though I had to write for a few hours, and then go to work, all of that was just great.
This afternoon, my RAs put on a program called CV grand prix - an afternoon of bbq, music and bike races, quite simply put.  I am not sure what it was, but something about watching the set up reminded me of CTY (something like watching Carnival or First Saturday Day being put together)-  so I called Melissa and left her a message saying as much.  Thinking that was it, as far as CTY related, but then Metro Station's "Shake It" was playing.  I don't think that is even CTY low canon, but I know it's been played at the dances - at least 2008.  I think CTY just has been on my mind a bit these days, since I know I'll be back again in 2 months (almost exactly). 
After the program, I worked on my paper a bit more, but just wanted a mental break.  I ran into the city - my first real city run since the marathon (I've mainly just been running around the Brookland area).  It had cooled down a little, and watching the sunset was beautiful.  Lots of people were out, and I really was just able to enjoy the run.  I felt light, free, and somehow, no thoughts of schoolwork popped into my head.  That doesn't always happen, so I felt very fortunate.  The city just looked stunning - flowers in bloom, fountains flowing, the monuments illuminated - all gorgeous.  Again and again, I still cannot get over that DC is my city - I get to live here and be a part of it as much as I like.
All of this turned into a good run - and as the sun set, I finished, very satisfied.

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  1. Shake shake, shake shake, shake that! Totally not canon but totally the theme of 2008 next to 'I Kissed A Girl'.