Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Friars' Salute

My morning runs are generally low-key. I only see a few people while I'm out, and with those people, I typically exchange some sort of nod, smile, wave, or grunt (depending how long I've been running).
The majority of this morning's run around Brookland was no exception. It was fairly humid out, and starting to get hot even before 9AM. I'm starting to realize just how hot things get in DC, and it's only April! Anyways...
I was rounding the bend to get back to campus. I always finish by going up the basilica circle, and then pass by it to finish, but there was a group of about 8 friars standing in the pathway, talking and whatnot. I was about to yell out "excuse me" or something, but then they parted ways. Not only did they do that, they whooped, clapped and yelled "you can do it!" What fun! I was not expecting that, and it completely brightened by day. This was just supposed to be a regular run, but the friars acted as if I was crossing the finish line of a big race. So, here's to you, friars of DC - you rock! Thank you for the morning salute!

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