Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2 months/Thoughts on the Inauguration

I stood on the National Mall (near the Smithsonian Castle) and was able to be a part of the inauguration yesterday - very cool. It was quite the day: we left Brookland at 6:15AM. We waited for hours outside in the cold, but with 2 million people there, it didn't feel as cold. Although I was watching it on a screen, the idea of sharing this moment and being there was amazing (both as a citizen and as a historian). I watched the making of history, and I will be able to tell my kids that I was there when Barack Obama was sworn in.

On a more personal note, today is exactly 2 months until the National Marathon. Aah! Very hard to believe that it's coming up that fast! I am on track, but still nervous that it is starting to come down to the wire (only one month until I start to taper). Anyways, I ran into the city (I was interested to see the vibe of the city post-Inauguration). I originally intended for it to be a 7 mile fast run; which meant basically to the Capitol and back). However, I missed a turn on the way back, and had to navigate my way around. It ended up being a couple more miles than I expected, but that's ok. People were in a very good mood, the sky was gorgeous, and the city seemed full of promise. Yes, that sounds a bit corny, but virtually everyone was happy.
The National Marathon website posted today (maybe they were thinking that it's 2 months away, too) a video of the course, shot from a car. What a weird feeling, watching a course that I will run in 62 days. I must admit, I had butterflies, just watching it. Can't imagine how I'll feel when I actually do it!

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