Sunday, January 18, 2009

DC is the place to be

Due to the break and busy schedules, Charlie and I had not been able to run together in over a month. This morning, we did a 13 mile run into the city, and it felt great. Not just the workout itself, but the fact that we were doing the run together.

The city is full of people and energy! All of the news stations are already there and rolling. We saw MSNBC interviewing people, we saw Pat Buchanan, and we saw thousands of people waiting in line for the free Aretha Franklin concert that will take place this afternoon. I'm glad I decided not to go to that: one massive event for me is good enough for the week. The Capitol looks beautiful with all of the flags set up for Tuesday. I cannot imagine how full the Mall will be in 2 days; it was already pretty crowded today for the concert.

This was the longest run Charlie has done so far, and so I was happy to be with him to encourage him through the last mile or so. I really believe it's important to have someone else with you along the way; to motivate you to keep going, even when it seems almost impossible. I hope he feels the same way, and is not too sore tomorrow. In case you haven't met Charlie yet, here he is! We had someone take this right after the 9th mile or so of our run. Ta da: the dream team!

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