Saturday, January 24, 2009

National Yoga Day/Long Run sans Charlie

Happy National Yoga Day!

In an attempt to celebrate National Yoga Day, as well as be good to my body, I did yoga both before and after my long run (I find it to be a great way to stretch/loosen up).

Charlie and I had planned to run along the Washington & Old Dominion Trail in VA. We drove to Virginia, got gas, got parked, and set out for the path. But within half a mile, Charlie's right knee was bothering him (something he had been dealing with since the Christmas break), and had to stop. The drive home felt very long and sad; I know Charlie was disappointed.

He told me to go and do a run without him, and to run it for the both of us. I did, and it was a little less than 16 miles. It was a hard run; I felt sad that I was doing it alone. Also, it was windy as anything (over 22mph the whole time). That made it a bit scary going over the bridges; I felt like I could've been pushed into the Potomac.

I did the run, and now it's done. I hope Charlie is better for next week.

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