Saturday, January 31, 2009

Experiencing a runner's high

I don't think that it's a coincidence that this was the Runner's World quote of the day a few days ago: "To me, the runner's high is a sensational reaction to a great run! It's an exhilarating feeling of satisfaction and achievement." Sasha Azevedo

I did a 15.5 run this morning, which I ran at about a 9:20/mile pace. All of the runners in the city were out and about; smiling and in good moods. One woman who was waiting for a light to change next to me was wearing shorts! It was 25 out, and with the 15 mph winds, it felt like it was 12 degrees. I could not believe that she wasn' t cold. I started out slightly too fast; for the first 6 miles or so I was trucking along, feeling unstopable. Although it was great feeling like I could conquer the world, I think that it caught up to me in the end. I was feeling fairly wiped near the end, and thoroughly spent when I stopped and started to walk around as my cool down.

On a more amusing note, I bumped into my friend Seth when I got back to campus. I almost fell into him when I went to give him a hug; I was so tired from the run. He then told me that Mary was upstairs at Starbucks, so I went up to see her (even the 2 flights of stairs felt like a lot). I think it was adrenaline, but I was so keyed up when I saw her. I plopped down next to her, and I couldn't stop giggling. I felt so very dopey. I'm sure it was just my body just crying out "Enough! You can't saying anything that's choherent now...all the common sense is gone." Maybe that was the runner's high in its true form. If so, that was a very enjoyable rush!

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