Wednesday, March 11, 2009

10 days

10 days to go.
I did my Renaissance style presentation last night - now that's off to the list. I'm hoping to finish my conference paper tonight (that's what I'm working on now), then plugging away at Latin until Friday. Once I finish my Latin exam on Friday, I'm headed back to American to watch Holy Cross play American in the Patriot League Championship! I've never been to one of the championship games before, so I'm really looking forward to it. Plus, if HC wins, we get an automatic bid to go onto the "big dance," which would be pretty sweet. I think there's going to be a fairly large HC turnout, and the funny thing is, American is on Spring Break, so there won't even be a ton of their students present.
I ran 3 miles on the elliptical this morning. My hamstring is still bothering me a little, so I've been taking it very easy. Things have definitely improved since the weekend; I was definitely limping on Saturday and Sunday.
10 days.

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  1. Hi friend! I've been enjoying your blog. I hope your hamstring starts to feel better! Do you have access to a foam roller (some gyms have them--3'x6"). I've found it fantastic for helping with hamstring problems. Massage schools often offer cheap massages, too, and that can help.

    I've just started running again. My cardio capacity seems fine, but my legs get tired.

    Hope you feel better soon!