Monday, March 16, 2009

unable to sleep

For a few reasons, I wanted to get to bed early tonight.
Tomorrow is a school day.
Tomorrow I am doing my run at 7AM.
I wanted to get the schoolweek off to a good start, so I can be well-rested for Saturday.

I even finished my schoolwork, and hopped in bed at 11:30, optimistic about my ability to fall asleep. After all, I had a full day: reading, yoga, church, Latin, and so I felt like I would easily fall asleep.

Nope. Not yet. I hate when I try to go to bed early and can't fall asleep. Of course, when I am tired enough to go to bed, I can't because of the work that I need to do. Tonight is the opposite. Work is done, and here I am, wide-awake.

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