Saturday, March 14, 2009

"You will beat the world!"

So, with a week to go, I did my final long run - 11 miles, which translated to the Lincoln memorial and back. I did it at 7AM - same time as the race will be next week. The city was much more quiet than it was when I normally go. It was very peaceful, actually.
On my way back, I was waiting at an intersection and the runner next to me started talking to me. We ended up running together for a mile or so. He was very nice. His name is Tom, he's 62, and he said that he has run about 45,000 miles as an adult. He gave me some marathon advice, since he has done a few. The last piece of advice he said was (and this was my favorite), "No matter what time you finish the race, 4 hours, 5 hours, it doesn't matter, because you will beat the world! This is a big deal!"
And with that, we parted ways. What a nice guy.

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