Thursday, December 11, 2008

Back in the running game...

So, back in Spencerport, I was a runner years ago (middle school/early high school), and while I stopped running on a team, I never completely kicked the habit.

Now, I've found a running partner who has motivated me into running the National Marathon on March 21, 2009. I am almost 2 months into my intentional training, and wanted to share my progress, since now people keep asking how the training is going.

Other than working on my degree and my job, this is taking up the majority of my time. I am really enjoying the training a lot. Yes, it is hard, but it feel really rewarding as well.

It was 65 degrees in Washington yesterday, so I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate finishing the semester but a celebratory run! Just shorts and t-shirt: it was so warm out! Not like in Rochester, where I'm told it was only in the 20s. Anyways, it felt so great. Not only was it nice outside, but I was so happy to be done that it positively affected my run. It was very care-free: no real concerns or things to do running through my head. I ended up getting in about 8 miles, and then it was time for dinner. I timed it well too, just as I finished up, it started to rain. And I don't think it's stopped since.

It feels great to be done with school for a month, and to know that I can focus on running for a while.

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