Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Today is a day of rest (and eating food): it's about time for a rest day (I think the Feast Immaculate Conception was my last off day). I've just been spending some time with my family and relaxing.

Santa was good to me: I got a new pair of Asics Gel 105 running shoes that will be my race-day shoes. I'll have enough time to break them in and get used to them before the race, and they'll still have enough mileage in them. I plan on doing a nice long run tomorrow to start getting used to them.

With that, I can also wear the new sports watch that Evan gave me! A very thoughtful gift! Until now, I've only been using my timeless Mickey Mouse watch, which is not really an athletic watch. This new one is very nice (and I think I'll actually be able to see the numbers now while I run), and I can't wait to use that as well.

I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas with their families. I love you all!

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