Friday, December 26, 2008

Testing out the new gear

Since I got so many nice running-related things for Christmas, it was time to put them to good use this morning:

I did a 12.75 mile run this morning - the longest "long run" in my training thus far. It went pretty well, and my guess would be it would've been better if it wasn't 22 outside. But hey, who cares? I was happy with it, and I timed it well (it started snowing when I did my cool down). New shoes are awesome, although breaking them in is a process. The new watch is also good and I can actually see the numbers without my glasses.

It was a good run. Tiring, yes. My legs don't feel sore (although I might say something differently tomorrow), but they feel thoroughly-used.

I also did some after-Christmas shopping today and bought a couple of new running tops. Other than lifting tonight, they haven't been tested. I'm glad my mom found a nice track jacket at'll be good for mild days.

Today was a good day for gear and running!

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