Sunday, December 21, 2008


In need of some cinematic motivation, I watched "Rocky" (the original) last night. It definitely helped a bit: nothing like watching him get up at 4AM in the morning to go running. While I'm not at that point (and I don't make power drinks with eggs in them), it was just a good mental image. And I wish I had more frequent access to the Lincoln Memorial, which I think is the closest DC equivalent to the Philadelphia Art Museum steps in the movie. When I went to Holy Cross, the Dinand Library steps seemed like the closest thing.

I have no intentions of beating any particular person; I'm not posed to go against any Apollo Creed in this race. But I do have a dream about doing well in March. I won't be setting any records, nor making any headlines. But I just want to do it, still be able to stand at the end, and to do the Rocky victory fist pump.

I've been feeling a bit nervous about the months to come, so I'm starting to push my training into high gear, so I am prepared f0r March 21st (exactly 3 months from today). I do not want to look like an idiot, and I want to be able to successfully finish the marathon.

It's game time.

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