Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gonna fly now...

So this morning, I met with Jim, a trainer at the local YMCA for an orientation (since I just recently joined the Y) at 7AM. An hour later, I felt enlightened and...feeling as if tomorrow will be somewhat of a sore day.

There were so many exercises I didn't know about in circuit training! Jim showed me how to use the Bose ball (those exercise balls that are cut in half, and flat on the other side) in order to work a number of muscles. We mainly focused on arm and chest exercises, since that's what I want to really strengthen in my cross training. I couldn't believe how great of a workout it was, and I look forward to doing the circuit again.

I also did a 10 mile run around Spencerport. I had started to build my new running playlist, and I wanted to test it out. So, I ran through the snow with the "Rocky" theme on, which helped to pump me up. Pretty decent run: although it started to wear me out toward the end. Yet, the awesome music kept me going through the end. I was very hungry after, so I was glad to have a good, filling dinner after. A warm shower was also in order, followed by fleece pants and robe...mmm.

I need to give a shoutout to Mary, my dear friend from grad school. Possibly without knowing it, she's been very supportive of me with training over the last few days. She's made a difference, and is much appreciated!

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